Ideal Warehouse 360° Aisle Signal, 1 Box, 4 Sensors, 3 Lights, 15’L Cord

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A busy warehouse full of fast-moving forklifts and often-distracted pedestrians and workers is full of blind-corner perils and accidents waiting to happen.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations 360° Aisle Signal presents a 4-way LED, red light alert designed to avert mishap. The signal is easily hung from the ceiling above traffic-heavy intersections. The 4-way sensors and 5-way red LED lights provide a bright visual warning of an active intersection where danger may be approaching from just around the corner.

For example: The sensors, monitoring all directions, detect a vehicle approaching along a racking aisle; the sensor then triggers the unit to flash in the downward-facing center light and the sideways facing lights (90° to the oncoming traffic); pedestrians and/or other vehicles are alerted to the approaching danger.

The cost-effective 360° Aisle Signal is powered through a standard 110V power supply and comes with 4 sturdy chains and D-links for easy installation wherever ceiling support is available.

Cord Length 15
Height 11-1/2 in
Depth 14-1/4 in
Width 14-1/4 in

Product Details

Number of Sensors 4
Type 360° Aisle Signal
Color Yellow
Number of Lights 3
Number of Boxes 1
Material Steel
Package Quantity 1
Manufacturers Part Number 70-1600
Brand Ideal Warehouse


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